Last Christmas I went with my family for a walk to Ráckeve, which is a 30 minute drive from our home. I really like this little town as it is a very peaceful and quiet place. And at the moment of our visit, it seemed mostly like that.

Here is some information about the settlement:

Ráckeve is a town on Csepel Island in the county of Pest County, Hungary. Its residents are Magyars, with minority of Serbs.
The Serbian Kovin Monastery, the oldest in Hungary and one of two in the Diocese of Buda of the Serbian Orthodox Church, was built in 1487 in the centre of Ráckeve. Also in central Ráckeve is the Savoy Castle of Prince Eugene of Savoy, built in the baroque style in 1702–50 (source: Wikipedia).

The photos were taken on December 26, 2021 with a Nikon F3HP.
Lens: 50mm f1.4 AI-S
Film: Agfa APX 400 film.
We first started at the promenade by the Danube bank. In the picture we can see the Árpád Bridge, under which we can notice anglers. The village has a long tradition of fishing and water sports.

A very unique way to make your boat more comfortable.
Maybe it's not so unique after all .
It also works with an office chair.
Entrance to an old pub on the river bank. It seems nature is ready to take back what is hers.
Winter minimalism.
Huge old tree with the Reformed Church in the background.
No Trespassing!
Thank you for your attention!

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